How great thou art.

I kept off my God ..I deserted him..I feel the terror..the’s bitter…I’ll be back


Time Gutted My Wish!

Immanuel”Keep out of all scrimmages and reach out to the hungry for they pray just for that,.I never had met such a lady with a heart so compassionate.. Her hands very be continued

Dad kept dumb..😢😢

When my ageing dad would speak and say nothing, I felt robbed of my innocence for it was guilt that I would eventually be charged with..but my silence perhaps a desperate one in innocence!

Ssenyonjo Emmanuel John


I know my stretch- my confinements

Seeing the world in such a perplexed dimension today

Surely no more as the ancient one

So new and of brand

I long for a new eternity

The hustle, will take more than fortitude

The lonely way I know

I crave the life of prosperity

Rubbing shoulders with the elite

With all ammenties of man

who aspires for the most

Ah! There I walked, whilst

I lay myself down lane

Atop the sounding green pastures

And so loud as I cried

For a hand that I thought I

would be lent

All in vain, despair I got

I reckoned not

That my compatriots would not shield me

My revelation was a vivid light

Those laughs of the hungry angered hyenas

Showed me resilience

Never was that my fate

The hatred and injustice

As though I had your trust shattered

What ray of hope now? Save

For my momma’s love

So let you judge my deeds

Await my sorry,my love.



I keep nervy so long a times whenever I anger my momma..I’m sure she would owe her life if I were decapitated…she’s such a haven you mom


It never unleashes, lest it hurts you

It incarnates not, unless you do reckon of it

It indulges you right within it, for the utmost living

It hurts when they’re away, as times get inevitably unbearable

It’s inevitable for you at least feel it for someone

It’s generous( did I say generous) but still humorous

I need it ASAP you need it too

We all need it, for it’s love!

Ssenyonjo Emmanuel John


How black will darken

Human race ceased

Colour is faded-vague

My self decapitated

Zeroed merely to the ground

That desperate smile of skeletons

Aside the smell of flesh

Villains,no hero

Come home,lovely

Bid me farewell

Gaze,smile,laugh at my posthumous

Let your skull sob a tear

For the pathetic life I led

My oasis of tranquility

Now dreadful and dented

I saw your hopes gutted

Thinking of the disgust in truth

It smells fine

Peace in truth,prevail

Ssenyonjo Emmanuel John.